Saved by the Audio Book

I’ve been listening to a lot of books over the last few years.  My commute to work is about 45 minutes each way, and then there are the days that I drive into the city, like I did today, to drop off or pick up one of our daughters.  That ride is about 2 hours each way (There is always traffic!).

The ride home tonight included some serious standstill traffic on the BQE, and then a massive slowdown on the Hutch.  It was late afternoon, and we had even lost an hour with the time change. Did I care? No. Was I stressed? Not at all. It was just another great opportunity to listen to the next few chapters in my book.  I embrace the longer rides because I can really “read” a longer chunk of the text. I can really get lost in story (Don’t worry. I’m still paying close attention to the road. Somehow I am completely able to pay attention to both the book and the road!). Then, when I finally got home, I was so engaged in the story that I carried my phone inside, the narrator still narrating, and kept on listening as I settled in to make dinner and get ready for the week ahead.  

I know that listening to a story doesn’t include the feel of the paper, the smell of ink, and the comfort of cuddling up on the couch or in bed wtih a friend, but it saved my day today!


8 thoughts on “Saved by the Audio Book”

  1. Like you, I love, love, love audiobooks! They make traffic in Denver, and my 130 mile round trip to my mom’s house each Sunday bearable!

  2. I had to stay in the car and listen to the thought finish up from Beartown. I need audiobooks and not CDs so I can bring it along with me into the house. I completely get it!

  3. I’m listening to an audiobook now called half of a yellow sun. I love how they can do the accents with an audio book.
    But seriously, you should come to Jakarta, we have so many traffic jams for you!

  4. I love how audiobooks have transformed my commute from that of dread to a time I look forward to. I have slacked on the listening this year…this is a great push for me to get back into something. Thank you!

  5. I completely agree, though my sort commute (not something I’m complaining about) isn’t the best for getting engrossed in a book. I’ve found nonfiction a good way to deal with that…a little easier to separate at the end of the ride. I started listening to Lincoln at the Bardo on Lincoln’s birthday and had a really bad day. Since then, I’ve had a hard time getting back into it. Ever have that happen?

  6. Oh no! I haven’t had that happen, but I have had the experience where I don’t want the book to end, so I just refuse to listen to it for a few days! I actually have not listened to any nonfiction on Audible. I’m going to give that a try. It’s just that I often take notes when I read nonfiction. I’m not sure if I can listen without a pencil and notebook.

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