A Thank You Note for Writing Thank You Notes

I don’t know what it is about sitting down to write thank you notes, but I love it.  Today was, yet again, a snow day. (That will be 3 snow days in the past two weeks. We’ll be going to school all summer at this rate!).  Thankfully I had a bunch of thank you notes to write as a result of last weekend’s fundraiser event I held to raise money to support a scholarship in my mom’s name.  

I got up early, made a pot of coffee, gathered my notes, picked out my favorite note writing pen, poured myself a cup of nice warm coffee, and began.  I try to make each note unique and tailored to the particular person I’m writing to, our relationship, and his or her relationship to my mom. I print some, write in cursive on others, add little side notes (“Let’s get together soon!” “I hope your daughter feels better.” “ Happy Almost Birthday!”) depending on what is happening in someone’s world at the moment, and I’ve even been known to add a sketch or two. As I write, I imagine what people will think when they open these notes.  Where will they be? What will they do? How will they react? Is it the reaction I’ve anticipated?

I even love the feeling of pushing the flair pen across the thick paper.  I love sitting in the snowy quiet, thinking and writing. I even love licking the envelope closed, writing the address, affixing the stamp, and walking the pile of notes to the mailbox.  

So it looks like I’ve just written another thank you note to all the people who created the need for me to spend the morning writing thank you notes!


5 thoughts on “A Thank You Note for Writing Thank You Notes”

  1. Your description of the tactile details was great! I’m sure people will love receiving your notes. Real mail is a treat now! I also think it’s really interesting that we intentionally choose our penmanship for specific people. I do the same thing. I have to think about that.

  2. I love thank you notes, and I love all the details you’ve included in this slice: from the preparation, through the writing, right to the mailbox, I am with you every step of the way. Makes me want to go write some of my own. Thank you!

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