Thank you, Dr. Hawking


Yesterday was one of those days.  I actually think we have had too many snow days and that everyone is having trouble getting into any kind of groove at work (kids and teachers).  The day just felt like things weren’t coming together. It was a day filled with meetings, and then an afternoon and evening filled with doing all the work I didn’t get to since I was in meetings.

Materials were missing pages, copies looked messy, the planning felt rushed and not as thoughtful as I’d like it to be.

Then I read this quote by Stephen Hawking who died yesterday at the age of 76: “And however difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do and succeed at.  It matters that you don’t just give up.”


Today was one of those great work days!  All the grade level meetings went well. I felt prepared, the materials were in order (thanks to my work last night), the conversation was thoughtful, the teachers were open and pleased with the suggestions made, and there was just a positive vibe (even though we were talking about test prep!).

After school, we hosted our annual Book Fair at a local Barnes and Noble.  The place was packed with kids and families reading and buying books, playing Scrabble, Boggle, and Charades, enjoying our scavenger hunt, and listening to books read aloud. There was so much positive energy around books and reading!

Thank you, Dr. Hawking, for your wisdom!



5 thoughts on “Thank you, Dr. Hawking”

  1. His passing hit me hard. He was such an amazing man. I have enjoyed reading through many of his profound statements. He will be missed.

  2. The contrast between yesterday and today is so striking! I also reread several of Stephen Hawking’s quotes and was moved by them. A little inspiration can do wonders! You captured it perfectly.

  3. What a great choice of quotes from Stephen Hawking. The difference in your two days was striking and the quote is the pivot point. Here’s to no more snow days (they really do mess with the rhythm of things) and not giving up, even if there are more snow days!

  4. Love when positive vibes are flowing in conversations with colleagues! It is an energy giver for sure. This slice reminds me of a quote from my Aunt “Tomorrow’s a new day.” Thanks for sharing!

  5. You persevered through your rough day to make a positive influence on the next (today). It sounds like one of those days we all have once in a while that if we stay positive, stick to what has worked, & take time to regather ourselves It will all turn out okay in the end. And, what an end you had! The Barnes and Noble Book Fair turnout sounds like you have a lot of families invested in their students’ education! Yay!

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