Seconds feel like days.

Minutes like months.

The hum of the television is at times comforting, at times unsettling.

Phones ring.

Families talk in whispers.

People pace aimlessly around the room.

Waiting for the doctor.

Waiting for good news.

Waiting to hear, “Your dad’s going to be just fine.”

9 thoughts on “Waiting”

  1. This poem could apply to a teacher friend who also had the same uninvited season of waiting on news of her dad’s surgery. Glad your dad is doing better!

  2. In a few words, you captured the “life-is-suspended” feeling of waiting when a loved one goes into surgery. Here’s to your dad’s recovery.

  3. Whew … I was anxious just reading and the waiting was that long! I pray you receive that good news and that your Dad will be feeling great soon enough!

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