A Vacation Plan Says So Much

My 28 year old daughter, who works and lives between Ferrara, Italy and New York City, recently had a week-long vacation (a rare event). Here is how she spent her time.

-She came home to Connecticut

-She spent time with us (her parents)! We went to vintage shops, spent time at the beach, and had dinner at one of our favorite restaurants.

-She visited my father (He is 88 and was thrilled to see her!).

-She had a dental appointment (It wasn’t all just fun!).

-She shopped at Goodwill with her grandmother.

-She took walks.

-She read in the hammock.

-She went to the beach with a college friend.

-She cooked.

-She went for a run every morning.

-She watched Jeopardy.

-She just hung out.

I think the way a person spends their vacation time says a lot about what they value.  My daughter’s vacation plans made me smile.  I love the person she has become (and is becoming).



7 thoughts on “A Vacation Plan Says So Much”

  1. I love how she spent her vacation, too. How wonderful to have raised a person who you like as an adult. I am smiling as I hope for something similar years from now with my own children.

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