The First Day

Tomorrow is the first day of school for our students.  I’ve had 26 plus years of these first days, but I still get excited. Yes, I do love school supplies and the shopping trips to Target and Staples for new notebooks and pens and post its.  This year I even purchased a fake candle with a vanilla scent to make my room feel calm and inviting.  And yes, of course I love buying all sorts of new books to share with teachers and students. But beyond the special lunch box and newly sharpened pencils,  I just love the idea of starting again,  outgrowing ourselves (teachers and students), and trying to grow our work from good to great, and then from great to even better.  We are lucky to be in a field where we get to do this over and over and over again.

I wish all of you who have started, are starting tomorrow, or are beginning the year in a few days or weeks, a very happy New Year!  Let’s make it the greatest year yet!


7 thoughts on “The First Day”

  1. We’re so lucky to have the fall in order to start again. In the years between college graduation and the start of my teaching career, I felt so strange NOT going back to school in September. There’s something steadying about having a fresh start each fall.
    Have a wonderful school year.

  2. A wonderful, uplifting post for all those in this most important and gratifying of professions. We don’t start school until a week from today. But, tonight I attended the open house for the school at which I host a monthly garden club. I came home energized by the exuberant enthusiasm exhibited by the students….so happy and anxious to get back! Have a great year!

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