It’s January 1st.  A new year filled with new promise and new plans.  I want this to be one of the best years yet.  And so I make plans.  Plans to exercise more and eat and drink less.  Plans to travel and have new adventures.  Plans to work on my writing in a more serious way.  Plans to work on the house and yard. Plans to improve my coaching work and continue on my career path.  Plans. Lots of plans.

One of my plans for today was to select my OLW for 2019.  I wanted to find a word that would work personally and professionally.  A word that would fit with my plans.  This year I have decided on the word, BECOMING.  Yes, you guessed it, I am reading Becoming Michelle Obama by Michelle Obama.  My daughter gave it to me for Christmas (which I consider quite a nice compliment). Michelle has already started to inspire me.  Her focus and clarity as a young girl in Chicago is impressive.  And the fact that she is still becoming is inspirational.

Becoming works for me.  I am a learner.  I love to gain knowledge and skill, try new things, go new places, meet new people.  I always want to outgrow myself.  I want the teachers I work with to always think of their work as becoming.  I want my students and my own children and grandchildren to always see themselves as growing…becoming.

So it is that BECOMING will be my OLW for 2019!


5 thoughts on “Becoming”

  1. Becoming is a word that should serve you well. It is such a hopeful word. I’m interested to hear how you are planning to “work on your writing in a more serious way.” I share that desire, but haven’t really got a plan. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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