A Winter Squall

On Sunday morning, I sat at my desk in the kitchen catching up on some work.  My desk sits in front of a large window that looks out onto our back yard. As I was working, I noticed that the sky was becoming increasingly blue and streaks of sunlight were appearing across the lawn.  I smiled as I thought about the walk I was scheduled to take with friends in about an hour. OK, I thought, stay focused for the hour, and you’ll get this finished before you break for some exercise, sunlight, and time with old friends.

I put my eyes back on the computer screen and got to work.  After about twenty minutes, I heard the wind picking up and noticed the trees starting to sway.  I looked up. The sky was ominous. A dark gray line of clouds was marching across the sky, and quickly.  The wind continued to pick up, now howing through the branches. My dog started to bark. Then I heard it, the gentle clicking sound of hail.  I stood up and walked to the back door. The hail was coming down, and hard. The entire sky was a deep charcoal gray, almost black. There goes my walk, I thought.

Then the world went quiet.  The hail and rain stopped. The trees were still.  As I looked to the back of the lawn, I saw a line of clear blue sky marching across the lawn just as the dark clouds had done moments before.  Within about twenty minutes, the sky was a clear blue and light was streaking across the yard.

The last few months have felt a bit like this morning.  Things were going well in November, Thanksgiving was lovely with my family gathered, and then the Christmas holidays were approaching.  That’s when the line of dark clouds came. My stepfather of close to 40 years was suddenly in Intensive Care, and completely reliant on a breathing tube.  Our families had to gather and make the hardest decision of our lives, to let this dear man go. The world went dark and cold. The holidays were nice, but a strong reminder of my stepfather’s absense from the family gathering he loved so much. It’s been almost a month now, and the sky still seems ominous.

I need to remind myself that there will be sunshine on the other side of the darkness.

3 thoughts on “A Winter Squall”

  1. The description of the sky and weather is a true slice of life – a moment in time captured with well chosen words and crafted sentences. The final paragraph narrows the scene and brings us to you. Healing takes time. Give yourself permission to have that time. Keep on keepin’ on and hold the memories close! Thanks for sharing!

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