In Relaxation Mode Already!

Today is my second day of a weeklong vacation, and I’m already starting to feel the calm.  The week ended with a full day of professional development (I had taken on the task of preparing for and delivering two full workshops with my colleagues.)  followed by a nice dinner at my dad’s.  Saturday was also busy with a trip to New York to help my niece and  spend some quality time with my daughter eating a great brunch, walking, and taking in the Frida Kahlo show at the Brooklyn Museum.

But today has been one of those wonderfully unscheduled, quiet Sundays.  We really didn’t have anything to do (a rare treat, really), and without school tomorrow, I did not have all of that Sunday afternoon planning and organizing to do.  So we relaxed.

Ate a late breakfast.

Walked the dog in the beautiful winter sunshine.

Had homemade chicken soup for lunch (thanks to my husband).

Finished one book (Becoming Michelle Obama) and started a new one (Harbor Me).

Had an afternoon cup of tea.

Wrote my blog post.

Took a second walk with my dog and some friends in the late afternoon sunshine.

And tonight I plan to hunker down, watch a movie, work on a craft, and go to bed whenever I want to.

I don’t know if I could do this on a regular basis, but I’m sure enjoying it right now!




6 thoughts on “In Relaxation Mode Already!”

  1. This slice is calming – like your Sunday! The descriptions of life in the first paragraph had me whirling! That “BUT” is perfectly placed, it transitioned me to the calm and appreciative tone of the Sunday! Enjoy it all, you deserve it! Thanks for sharing!

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