Goodbye Snowflakes, Goodbye Snow

Every year before Christmas, our girls carefully place hand cut paper snowflakes in each and every window of our home. They are our way of welcoming winter and the holiday season.  We love beautiful snowstorms in December, January, and February.  The paper snowflakes look so beautiful dancing in the windows all winter long.  Each one is unique, and the fact that they are handmade and created  out of paper provides a beautiful warm feeling throughout the cold months of the New England winter.


But then the day comes when I take down the snowflakes.  This marks the day when snow is no longer welcome.  Today was that day.  Deciding when to take down these beautiful works of winter art is something I take seriously.  It’s an annual game of sorts that I play as spring grows near. I try to time the taking down of the flakes on the day when I am sure there will be no more snow for the rest of the season.  I don’t want to take them down too early, and I don’t want to wait too long. Sometimes I fear I am jinxing things and that as soon as I take them down, snow will start falling. (I realize I really don’t have that kind of power in the universe, of course, but I want to get it just right.)

Today it rained all day. Maybe that’s because today I took the snowflakes down.


10 thoughts on “Goodbye Snowflakes, Goodbye Snow”

  1. I’ve spotted these in photos you’ve shared and that made me notice them when I drive by your house. I like the serious thought you shared about taking them down. I do hope their removal means spring is near!

  2. I’m hoping you’re right…about your influence on the universe, that is. That would be a lot of power…and a lot of pressure if people found out. I’m also hoping the snow is finished for the year.

  3. Snow is finally melted on almost all of the lawn. I, too, hope that it’s over for the season. Even the kids here are ready for spring.
    Who knows? Maybe you DO have that kind of power over the universe 🙂

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