The Morning After (or Oh What a Night)

OK….It’s not what you are thinking from the title….but maybe I hooked you?

Yesterday I wrote about party planning.  Today I’m looking back on a pretty spectacular event that this family of party planners pulled off.

We spent the day cooking, running to the store for forgotten items, setting tables, setting up the food, rehearsing trivia questions, and getting ready for our guests. All of this to hopefully raise some money for the high school scholarship I started four years ago in my mom’s name.

At 5:00 pm, people started flowing in. They socialized, and I introduced friends from all parts of my life to one another.  People grabbed a snack and something to drink and gathered with a team for a night of trivia.    As I asked each question, the teams would  burst into conversation:  Some so serious, huddled around the answer sheet, whispering and jotting notes to each other, then writing down the answer.  Others giggling hysterically when they weren’t sure of the answers and coming up with funny responses instead.  My daughter then gathering the sheets and sharing the standings….”In last place, but very close to the next team, is Team #3!”  Team #3 members are seen high-fiving each other.  Do they know they are losing?  Yes, they do, but they are having such fun doing it!

We played trivia for about an hour and a half.  Then we awarded prizes to the winning team, and declared the night a huge success.

People gathered for a great cause.

People met new people.

People spent time with old friends.

People laughed.

People learned.

People helped.

Oh What a Night!


9 thoughts on “The Morning After (or Oh What a Night)”

    1. My apologies…I really should have invited you. After all, we had an “All Things Swedish” category. Try this one…Famous Swedish-American actress buried near Stockholm. Hint: She was in Mata Hari. (Extra point if you can name the cemetery or the architects/designers), or this one: What is the name of the Swedish author who created the wild red-headed girl named Pippi Longstocking? You would have been a ringer! We plan to do it again next year! Sorry that I didn’t invite you. My bad!

      1. I was kidding about the invite. Don’t feel bad. I would have gotten Greta Garbo and Astrid Lindgren. I would not have gotten the cemetery or designers. Great memories of going to the Astrid Lindgren museum in Stockholm.

  1. Sounds like quite the night. Congrats! I’m a competitive person, and moments like you all had should be what competition really is about- bringing people together to enjoy a shared experience and have fun. This happened the other day while I helped out in our 4-year old’s soccer group. You’ve just inspired me for today’s (or another day’s slice)! Thanks!

  2. You did lure me in with the title. 🙂 I love your descriptions of the fun the teams had. It made me feel like I was there. Who needs an invitation when we can live vicariously through your posts? 🙂

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