Last Day of 2019!

Today is the last day of the school year.  For me, it brings mixed emotions.  This has been a tough year for me personally and professionally, so in many ways I’m really glad it’s over.  I faced many disappointments and frustrations with so many things.  On the other hand, I’m sorry to see the year end.  The teachers and students and I have tried so many new things and grown so much over just one academic year.

On one hand, I look forward to spending more time with my family and getting in some traveling, some time to work on the lawn and paint the garage, some time to just relax and read on the beach or in the hammock. On the other hand, I miss my school family and the work we do together.  I even miss the routine and the flow of the day.

But here we are at the end of yet another school year.  I have a pile of books to read and long lists of projects to do.  I have big plans for next year and high hopes for what might come next.  I am celebrating what we have accomplished and planning to work on what still needs to be done.

I do think we are incredibly lucky to have these two months off to try new things and refresh ourselves before the next school year begins. Here’s to summer!

8 thoughts on “Last Day of 2019!”

  1. We have a few more days, and I am already anticipating the mixture of feelings you talk about here. One thing I notice, though, is that despite a difficult year, you are already planning and dreaming of next year. That, I think, is part of the gift of summer: there’s enough separation from one year to the next that we can breathe and then dream. Enjoy your summer!

  2. How lucky we are that we have ends that we turn into beginnings. We get to learn from the hard years and reinvent as we move forward! Here’s to all you have done, continue to do, and will do! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I like your dedication to your school family — it shows heart — and I like your reflection of the ups and downs of a school year. For many people, work is “just a job,” but I think for many teachers, it is much more meaningful than that. Enjoy your summer vacation!

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