Weekend Getaways

This weekend, my sister, daughter and I had a getaway to the Berkshires.  We drove north on Saturday in the early afternoon taking in the breathtaking beauty of the fall leaves along a road that meanders along a stream and then through woods, farmland, and the rolling hills of Connecticut and Massachusetts.

When we arrived at what would be our accommodation for the weekend (a beautiful home on a vast property with apple orchards, rock gardens and views of a mountain painted with splashes of orange, red, yellow, and green), we unpacked, strolled around the property, and then headed into town to pick up some provisions for the weekend. We went to a farm stand and a bookstore.  Food and books would be all that would be necessary for this weekend away!

When we returned to the house, we started cooking.  My sister Lisa had decided that moussaka would be on the menu for dinner.  My daughter Mackensie is an amazing cook.  I’m a good assistant! The three of us all worked side-by-side in the kitchen for hours.  I sautéed the lamb, Mackensie made the béchamel sauce,  and Lisa created a beautiful Greek salad.  We sipped wine and ate cheese as we worked, occasionally moving to the living room to catch parts of The Iron Chef.   Once everything was ready, we took our plates into the living room and ate, laughed, talked, and just spent time together.

We woke Sunday to rain.  In some ways it was the perfect weather for us.  We got up slowly, sipped our coffee and tea, and read the Sunday Times. Eventually we all moved to the kitchen and created another beautiful meal.  This time we baked coffee cake, scrambled eggs, cooked up some bacon, and broiled some tomatoes. We are quite a team in the kitchen!

After breakfast (Well, maybe it was brunch!), we packed up and prepared to head home. We wandered through Massachusetts, New York, and Connecticut, stopping in cute towns along the way, listening to music, talking, and just riding along together, back to our homes and our work and our lives.

I’ve been in a bit of a slump lately.  I’m dreading my upcoming birthday, I’m worried about my dad’s surgery, work isn’t as satisfying as I want it to be, and I’m feeling unsure about where I’m heading and who I want to be.  Spending this weekend with my sister and daughter in a beautiful setting reminded me, once again, how lucky I am to live in this incredible world, and to be able to enjoy this life in the company of people I love.


5 thoughts on “Weekend Getaways”

  1. This sounds like such a lovely weekend! And something you needed. Your words paint such a beautiful picture…I felt like I was right next to you, smelling the food, sipping the coffee, and soaking in the splendor of the foliage. So glad you had that time away.

  2. Slumps happen. It’s good that you have people who can lift you out of them. I can’t believe you made moussaka– that’s impressive, and I admire your writing as well. Description is almost always a reach for me, and you did such a good job bringing us right to that golden place with you.

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