The drive to the city seemed longer than usual, but when I looked at the clock we had actually made good time.  I had been waiting for this day for so long: To see her back in her element.  Back in her city.  Back on her stage.

5:45 pm: It was raining, so we parked the car and walked quickly to the restaurant.  We ate and talked.  I repeatedly checked my watch.  Is it time yet?  No.  I guess we’ll have coffee and force ourselves to wait a bit longer. I checked my phone. We still have an hour to go.  We paid the bill and walk around the block in the rain.

6:30 pm: Thirty minutes before the doors open.  We go across the street to a wine bar and sip our wine as slowly as we can.

6:55 pm:  A text from our other daughter.  I’m here and the doors are open.  I’ll go in and save seats. Wine still in our glasses, we motion to the bartender, asking for the bill. We pay, and practically run across Second Avenue to the theater.

7:00 pm:  We go in, take the elevator to the fifth floor.  We enter the theater, find Mackensie, and settle in to our seats. Still 30 minutes to go.  We talk, catch up on how the week has gone, what the weekend plans are, etc.  I pull my cell phone out of my bag about every five minutes, counting down until…. finally….. the lights dim.

7:30 pm:  The lights are down.  The music starts.  The spotlight comes on, and there she is, front and center, poised on the stage, bathed in light. One arm extends….then the other.  Her beautiful arms and hands begin to move.  She’s dancing.  She’s back on the stage doing what she loves – creating and moving and making something beautiful.

8 thoughts on “Spotlight”

  1. You’ve created great anticipation with the repeated mention of time and your eagerness to get to the theater. It must have been a beautiful moment. I know what it feels like to see my kids on stage. Morgan is lucky to have a family to ready to support and celebrate her.

  2. The structure you used in this post had us ALL feeling the anticipation and excitement– even wanting my morning coffee to change into a glass of wine!

    It is SO amazing to watch our kids doing what they love and doing it with confidence and professionalism– truly an unbelievable feeling. Thanks for sharing.

  3. What beautiful slice filled(as others said) with anticipation and pride! It’s a gift to see our kids in their element doing what the love. Their passion feeds us. Thanks for sharing and for all your hugs!😉❤️

  4. This is a beautiful piece about anticipation, passion, and support. I’ve also had performing children (in music and theater – not dance, however) and it always filled me with the feelings you describe so perfectly! Thank you for sharing your special moment and the minutes leading up to it!

  5. How exciting! I was with you every moment as you used the time and short sentences to help me feel your anticipation. And what a moment to capture as a parent: seeing your child where she belongs, making something beautiful.

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