Just a Minute….

Today’s the day.  The last day of 2019.  Today’s the day to reflect on last year and make plans for next year.  I realize it’s just another Tuesday, but I like these markers in the year where we are encouraged (strongly) to try to make ourselves a bit better than we were last year. I’ve set some goals: less time on the computer, more time with books, less coffee, more exercise, less wine, more water.

But today is also the day to decide on my OLW for 2020.  I’ve been thinking about this a lot over the past week as I’ve spent time with family and friends celebrating the holiday, and time alone walking, thinking, reading, and writing.  I’ve had a variety of ideas including words like gratitude, persistence, and focus.  I also thought about extending last year’s OLW, becoming (I received Michele Obama’s book last year for Christmas.) for another year.  I really don’t feel like I “became” as much as I wanted to.

Then I looked back at some TWT colleagues’ OLWs from 2019 for inspiration.  When I read my colleague and friend Jessica’s post from last year at https://wheresthejoy.wordpress.com/ I thought maybe I could take on her word for next year (We can share, right?).  I’ve really need to try to slow down, to be more mindful, to be more present in the moment.  I need to work on worrying less about the future, and instead, celebrating all that exists in the present. I need to be quieter.  I need to be a better listener.

So…..(drumroll)….my OLW for 2020 will be pause. 

7 thoughts on “Just a Minute….”

  1. Other people’s OLWs and reflections are great for inspiration. “Pause” creates space. May the word serve you well!

  2. Reades, writers, and teachers naturally seek out inspiration and ideas from each other! I think the words we choose don’t have to make us better but they can and should make us more aware – I imagine becoming was that for you. May pause make you aware of the days, moments, and people that flow through 2020. Happy New Year!

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