Getting Set to Jet

I love to travel.

I love searching for deals on flights and rental cars.

I love getting organized.

I love packing (I start about a week before the trip. I lay out all sorts of options, and then, over the course of the week, I cull and change, and make final decisions about what will go and what will stay.).

I love figuring out who will watch the dog, and making contingency plans (If it snows, do I have someone to plow the driveway?  If it gets really cold, do we have enough heating oil? If the dog sitter can’t get here, do I have a backup?).

I love getting the house clean and organized, cleaning out the refrigerator, taking out the garbage, running and putting away the last load of dishes and laundry.

But what I love most of all is when all of the organizing and preparing comes to an end, and I’m on the plane, heading off to a new adventure. I only have a few more hours to wait, and then I’ll be on my way!


4 thoughts on “Getting Set to Jet”

  1. I can feel the anticipation as I read! I’m not quite sure I love all that preparation, like you do! But I do love a good get away – mine’s only a road trip this week but that’s just fine for me! Have a spectacular trip and enjoy coming home to that clean, organized home!

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