Teacher as Writer – Doing the Work

Well, it’s March 1, day 1 of 31 straight days of writing.   I’ve decided that for this challenge (or at least the beginning of this challenge), I’m going to try out some of the work that we are asking our students to do.  I want to better understand the writing work we are asking our writers to tackle (and I’m hoping to create some demonstration texts I can use for modeling!).  

The writing process starts with planning, so today I will plan. I’m going to start wtih second grade.  We are beginning a new nonfiction writing unit where children are asked to select topics and think about how they might teach it; what nonfiction structures they might use for their intended audience.  I might try question and answer, or how-to, or all-about, or maybe even a nonfiction poem or graphic novel! 

Then I plan to move on to the work of our first graders.  They are writing poetry. In our district, we are studying Marc Brackett’s work around social-emotional learning. Maybe I can put these two ideas together and write some poetry about emotions.

For the third and fourth week, I’ll look to the upper grades.  Maybe I can try some historical fiction writing, or maybe I’ll give a literary essay a try. Or who knows, I might change my plan entirely and try something else, but at least I have a plan.

I guess that means it’s time to start drafting!  Let’s see where this work takes me.

16 thoughts on “Teacher as Writer – Doing the Work”

  1. I admire your plans and may lean on some of this planning along the way! We’ve been having so much fun with poetry in first grade. Tapping into that is a great idea!

  2. Sounds like a productive plan. I would love to join you if I can. Getting back to writing in classrooms would be very inspiring for me!

  3. You are always such an inspiration. Thanks for all you do and for sharing through blogging. Each day that I teach writing, I learn more about the need for young students to plan!

  4. What a great way to structure the month of March! I imagine this approach is going to give you lot’s to share with kids AND you can get a lot of inspiration from kids! AND, you could be getting feedback from them, too! I really look forward to not only your writing but how this plays out with teaching/learning!

  5. What a great plan! I have made 3 different ones and scraped them. Looking like my first SOL will be pretty random and wherever the wind takes me. So glad I found you and thanks again for the encouragement:)

  6. Hi Erika,
    You inspired me to do this. Still working on my entry…stay tuned (I have until 11:59, yes?)
    What a wonderful idea to try out different genres alongside your students. What insights you will have!
    Hereś to a great month!

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