Positive Energy

Today we picked up our youngest daughter from her apartment in New York City (We were not going to let her get on a train!) and brought her home.  She is technically on her Spring Break from graduate school, so she had planned to come home for a few days. With all that is going on, we really don’t know how long she will stay.  I’m hoping she stays until this Coronavirus Pandemic is over, but I know that is probably wishful thinking. 

As we rode home from the city, she started talking about her plans for this time that she will spend at home.  This daughter is quite a planner!

“I’m thinking I’ll organize all of my clothes! (This could take a lifetime with the size of her wardrobe!), and then I’m thinking my room could use a makeover.  I really think I need to paint it a different color (It’s currently gold with a black chalkboard on one end. It was pretty cool when she was in middle school. Now that she is almost 30, she has other ideas.). And then I was thinking we should buy some puzzles and work on them together!” (This is a great idea since we can’t go anywhere. All restaurants, movie theaters, museums, and other gathering places are now closed.)

As we rode along, the skyscrapers of Manhattan getting smaller and smaller and fading away in the distance, we talked about possible colors, where we might put the puzzle, where we might take our walks (since they just closed all of our parks), and even some foods we might want to cook while we are together.  

Then It was quiet for a while.  Just the sound of the tires whirring and the cars passing, an occasional car horn beeping.

“And you know what else I was thinking?”


“Maybe we could foster a kitten or something!”

I just love this girl’s positive energy!  I’m so glad she is home.

11 thoughts on “Positive Energy”

  1. Sounds like you will have lots of positive things to fill the time. So glad it worked out for her to come home.

  2. I am so glad that you have reunited with your daughter! We will be doing the same tomorrow as our daughter has been literally in the woods with her classmates for an 11 day Out Back adventure. I look forward to hearing her plans for the extended time that she will be home, too! I hope you can help her achieve all of her lofty goals!

  3. I often start slices with conversations – I never really end with one as you have here. It’s a bit of a surprise ending via dialogue. Hmmm, have to try this! Thanks for sharing and enjoy having your girl home!

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