Italian Night

Today was another long day of distance learning.  I can’t remember the last time I sat in a chair and stared at a screen for so many hours.  I think we are all going to have to find some more balance for ourselves and for our kids. I’m beginning to grow worried about the amount of sitting and screen time this is going to create for them. We know that is not a good thing.

But tonight my husband and I are getting quite a treat.  My daughter is home and decided to create an Italian Night for us.  She has spent the past four years living and working in northern Italy (She came back this fall to attend graduate school.  Talk about perfect timing!).  Tonight she is going to share some of her love for this country with us.  We are all just devastated by what is happening there and want desperately to find a way to connect and share our love with the Italian people.  Maybe this is one way to do that.

She started by making us some Italian cocktails.  Negronis for my daughter and husband, and an Americano (no gin) for me.  Now she is behind me in the kitchen cooking up gnocchi with brussel sprouts and fava beans.  After this fine meal, she has picked out an Italian film.  We don’t know the title yet, but can’t wait to continue our celebration of all things Italian – drinks, food, and art.

Here’s to Italy.  We are with you.  We love you.  We hope that you begin to heal soon.

And here’s to daughters.  We love you.  We thank you. We enjoy every second of having you home.

7 thoughts on “Italian Night”

  1. It is amazing what we can create despite the current constraints. Who knows? Maybe kids will get sick of screen time too? Now that might be a silver lining. Thanks for sharing your wonderful evening and timely tribute to and hopes for our global friends in Italy.

  2. What a great evening and as you say such perfect timing for your daughter to return, but she must feel sad for those she made friends and connections with at this time. Sounds like a delicious fun-filled evening!

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