Thank you, Teachers!

Today I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the people I am lucky to call my colleagues.

Today I heard about teachers who are reaching out to children through Flip Grid and Homeroom and Google Classroom and just plain, old fashion phone calls.

Today teachers shared their deep concern for children and families who hadn’t signed in and might be lacking computers and internet and printers, or worse yet, might be ill.

Today teachers told me they were worried that kids were going to run out of books to read.

Today teachers asked me how they might be able to provide access for different learners while we are teaching remotely.

Today teachers wondered how they could give each and every child feedback on their reading and writing.

Today my colleagues came together to fight for what is best for our children and our families.

Today my colleagues made a plan to reach out to our striving readers to make sure they get the extra instruction and emotional support they will need over the coming weeks and months.

Today my heart is full.

Today we came together.

Today I say, “Thank you, teachers!”

5 thoughts on “Thank you, Teachers!”

  1. This time has certainly shown us how amazing teachers (although many of us already knew that!). Many teachers are feeling overwhelmed and stressed themselves and have families of their own to take care of, yet, they are putting in so much effort to support their students.

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