Party Time

The girls have decided that we should put together a fancy party tonight. The guest list is, of course, rather small.  OK, just us, but that is fine with me. They have decided on an event that includes elegant appetizers and champagne.  I think I heard one of them suggest that we all get dressed up (That’s not my idea of fun, but I’ll do it if it’s called for.) And I suggested that we end the evening with a dance party (That is my idea of fun!).

So today we are spending the day together planning, shopping. and cooking.  Daughter One has been in the kitchen most of the day chopping and making and simmering and putting together some sort of elegant galette!  Daughter Two is planning to put together some shrimp cocktail and baked brie.  Husband One (OK, there is only one.) is making dates wrapped in bacon, and my job is to bake the brownies (Not that elegant, but everyone agreed it would be a great way to end the night!).

I can’t think of a better way to spend a Saturday.  We’ve all been off screens all day (except maybe to look up a recipe or two), no one has had a Google Meet or Zoom Meeting.  We have just been hanging out together reading the paper, talking, and just relaxing.

Let’s pop that champagne and let the party begin!

8 thoughts on “Party Time”

  1. We started this quarantine with a toast, after reading Tracey’s post about cheering to show gratitude. Every night at dinner, Rose now asks if we’re having another party. I’m glad you’re finding joy with your family.

  2. You are the second person, (I’m sure there are more) whose kids suggested the party – the other party DID, in fact, get dressed up! The high school boy was even in a bow tie! We got time, so we might as well have fun with it – break out the champagne, china, bow ties, dance music – break it all out and create memories! PS love how you called them Daughter One and Daughter Two – perfect set up for Husband One and little humor!

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