What Now?

Here we are. The last day of the 2020 TWT SOLC event.  Thirty one days of writing and posting and commenting.  What now?

What I want to keep doing:

Write every day.

Pay close attention to the world, and think, “I’m going to write about that!”

Stay close to my writing colleagues.

Write to remember.

Write to imagine.

Write to understand (or at least try to understand).

Write for fun.

Write to help others.

What I want to try next:

Spend more time revising and crafting my writing.

Work on one project over a number of days or weeks, or longer.

Try out some different genres.

Get specific feedback on my writing.

Revise it some more.

Maybe try to publish something (OK, I like to dream big!).


I do plan to continue posting some writing on Tuesdays with TWT.  I couldn’t even imagine my life without this community.


7 thoughts on “What Now?”

  1. Great reflection. I have in my mind right now that is like to keep writing every day… maybe more of a notebook?!? I’d also like to work on spending more time on pieces. Being more thought l with craft. Thanks for inspiring me with this list and naming some inspirations that I can tag along with! I’m still so grateful to you for getting me here. I think writing together brings us closer and I’m grateful for that.

  2. And I can’t imagine this community, our community, without you in it! I love you list of what you want to keep and then try – using what you know is working, your strengths/what give you energy – to propel you forward into what you want to try! Great things are a coming….they are!

  3. I like this list, this way of moving forward. I especially like the “try next” section – I, too, want to take some time to revise – and I absolutely think you should try to publish something. Dream big – it’s well within your reach! See you on Tuesdays.

  4. Smart two-fold approach: Keep — that is, recognize what matters and should continue to matter. Try — seek ongoing opportunities to stretch. Best to you in both endeavors!

  5. Great list with some ambitious want to ideas which I know you will work toward. Thanks for giving me the push to join and the encouragement along the way!

  6. This is the question I’ve been thinking about this morning too–what next? Thanks for inspiring me with a structure to use for my post. I love your idea of dreaming big and believe you could absolutely publish something.

  7. I love your thoughts and am wondering what genres you would most be interested in trying. It sounds like fun. I will be anxiously awaiting your first published piece! Thanks for all of the inspiration and support. 🙂

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