I Remember

Several of my colleagues and I are running a 30 Day Notebook Challenge for our students, teachers, and families.  It’s been so nice to return to my notebook to gather ideas, try out strategies, and just play with my writing.  This week, two of my colleagues suggested list writing, so I thought I’d try it here.

I Remember

I Remember my drive to school.

Time to think, catch up on the news, or listen to a good book.

I Remember stopping by to visit my dad and stepmother.

Sometimes before school for my dad’s famous breakfast of eggs, toast, sausage or bacon, and the best coffee you’ve ever tasted.

I Remember arriving at school.

Stopping along the way to my room to visit my colleagues and friends.

I Remember the kids arriving at school.

Their voices loud, happy, filled with promise.

I Remember being in and out of classrooms all day long.

Running up and down all those flights of stairs with my bins filled with teaching tools.

I Remember the end of the school day.

Often tired, but in that good way you feel when you’ve taught your heart out.

I Remember the drive home.

Again catching up on the news, reflecting on the day, finishing a good book.

I Remember the long after-work walk with my husband and dog.

A time to decompress, gather with others in the local park, get exercise and fresh air.

I Remember the rhythm of a different time.


10 thoughts on “I Remember”

  1. Oh, what a lovely piece and pace giving us such a glimpse of your day. I would like to share it with a writing group that I’m currently facilitating at our church.. We meet monthly on Zoom. And your last line is absolutely perfect!

  2. Beautiful reflection and strong last line. I think a version of that last line could start another slice — “the rhythm of a different time” letting you imagine the future where the roads, homes, and schools hold more life again. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I miss my commute too! I am so behind on podcasts because there’s never a good time to listen at home! I think the repeating beginning works so well here. And it’s such a generative prompt–I’ve written many “I remember” pieces in my notebooks, and now I feel inspired to write another one. I’m also wondering what I will remember from this time now when it seems like every day just bleeds into the next and I lose entire weeks!

  4. I love this format. I wrote my old and new schedule out in my notebook this morning with a clarifying sentence underneath just thinking about it. I think this will be a great thing to reflect on a year plus from now.

    Thanks for always having thoughtful posts that I am inspired by!

  5. I am so glad this starter worked well for you. You put your own twist on it and the result is a beautiful piece filled with emotion. Maybe you can share some of it on our share grid! And yes, great last line.

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