This Year is Ending…

The school year, that is.  This is our last week of school in my district, and what a strange last week it’s going to be.

The truth is, I never really enjoy the last week of school.  Yes, I love my summer vacation, but I really don’t like endings.  I don’t like packing up, putting away, covering up, and shutting down.  I don’t like saying goodbye (even if it is just for 8 weeks).  I miss my school family, and I never like the idea of not hearing the voices of over 400 children every day for a full two months.

But this year is the strangest end to a school year ever.  I’m sitting up in my little office I carved out of the corner of a small guest room.  There are no children’s voices.  I have to say goodbye to my friends and colleagues over Google Meet or email.  There are no quick visits to classrooms to give hugs and say, “Have a great summer!” The fifth graders will not experience the annual “clap out” through the hallways of our school, but will have a drive-through graduation with staff lined up along a route wearing masks. No final concerts.  No final Whole School Meeting. No final celebration. And no idea what the fall will look like.

This year is ending.

5 thoughts on “This Year is Ending…”

  1. This is a strange ending. All of this will make our moments back at school more meaningful and appreciated. That’s my hope. Sending you a end of year virtual hug! ❤️

  2. It sure is ending and it sure feels WEIRD! Glad the weather finally warmed up so it is reminding me that there is still summer!!! We’ve learned a lot and we will use whether we are here or there next year!!

  3. I’m mixed. Part of me is sad for the end and the other part of me wants it to end so we can start again!

  4. The uncertainty is difficult. It adds to the bitterness of closure for the summer. I do need a break from the screen but I don’t feel finished with the kiddos. I hope we can let our worries go and rest and refresh for several weeks.

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