A Few Things I Want to Hold On To

I want this pandemic to be over.  

I want to go back to a time when I don’t have to put on a mask the minute I see someone coming toward me on my walk.

I want to hug my father and my grandchildren and my family and my friends.

I want to go out to a restaurant to eat.

I want to return to a school filled with children and not worry about staying six feet away.

I want this pandemic to be over.

But there are a few things I want to hang on to when this all ends.

I want to hold on to the incredible relationship I have developed with my adult children while they have been quarantined at home.

I want to keep trying out new recipes.

I want to take time to watch the birds, work in the gardens, and read and write.

I want to tackle the Sunday NY Times Crossword with my daughters across the week.

I don’t want to blow dry my hair (I haven’t done it for months and my hair looks OK.)

I don’t want to wear makeup (I didn’t wear much anyway, but still.)

I don’t want to iron my clothes (They look just fine with a few wrinkles!)

I want this pandemic to be over,

but I hope I can hold fast to some of the important lessons I’ve learned and habits I have developed.


4 thoughts on “A Few Things I Want to Hold On To”

  1. Your structure and use of repetition work so well in this slice. I, too, wholeheartedly “want this pandemic to be over.”Thanks for the important reminder to reflect on what we want to hang onto as we move forward.

  2. I’ve seen a quote during all of this about having the choice about what we add back to our lives. You’re list will have you prepared for when this is over…

  3. Compare and contrast so
    Cool here. You’ve captured the frustration compared with the appreciation that is the reality for many! Keep in appreciating!

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