The Power of the Written Word

Today is my father’s 90th birthday. 90 years on this planet, 60 of them as my amazing dad. I decided to craft a piece of writing for a present. I wanted it to be special. I wanted it to be both a reflection on all that he has done in his life and a thank you for the father and friend he has been to me.

I started more than a month ago. I rehearsed, I drafted, I gathered feedback (mostly from my daughter, a writer), revised, started over, and went through the writing process many times.

This morning, dad opened his present and called me. He was sobbing. He told me through tears (He is not really a man who cries easily.) how touched he was by the piece. He told me how it moved him. He told me how lucky he felt to be my dad.

I’m the lucky one!

2 thoughts on “The Power of the Written Word”

  1. I love that you wrote to your dad as a birthday gift. I think our words can be the best gifts. I’m sure your piece is something your dad will treasure. Happy birthday!

  2. I know you were working on this so I am so happy he loved it. I was thinking you would share the writing though…curious what you decided on. Happy Birthday to your dad!

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