“Are we ready?”

“Yup.  Let me just grab the keys.”

“We’re taking the convertible, right?”

“Oh, right!  Good idea!”

And off we went.  As we pulled into the parking lot, a high school student (with a mask, of course) scanned our ticket.  As we pulled ahead into the lot, a group of students with flashlights (and masks) showed us to our spot, carefully parked between cars so we could  all see what was ahead of us.

The night was clear.  The half moon was a bright orange in the blueish-black sky.  A cool breeze blew across and cooled us down on a hot summer night.  The girls perched themselves up on the top of the back seats.

The speaker came on.  “Tune your radios to AM 1640, and get ready for the show to begin!” boomed a voice across the fields and parking lot. And then, across the big screen, came the movie of the night; Jurassic Park.

My first drive-in movie, and the perfect ending to a summer day.



6 thoughts on “Firsts”

  1. You’ve kept a nice record of happy times through this pandemic. It’s been fun traveling along with you on your adventures. I admire your openness to trying new things!

  2. The way you began the piece, I knew right away this was leading someplace fun! This line is so beautiful, “The half moon was a bright orange in the blueish-black sky.” Love it! We took the kids to a drive-in a few weeks ago- such a great time. Thanks for sharing this upbeat piece!

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