Heading to the Unknown

This quote lives on a pink post it attached to the bottom of my computer.  I often read it before I sit down to read or write.  Today it seems particularly relevant:

“When the big things seem out of control…focus on what you love right under your nose.”  It’s a quote from The Boy, the Mole, the Fox, and the Horse, a beautiful book I discovered in the early days of the pandemic, by Charlie Mackesy.

I need these words right now.  Our world seems out of control; a pandemic, hatred, race riots, fires burning out of control, and now two tropical storms heading into the Gulf.  And in the middle of all of this, kids and teachers are trying to get back to school.  Our reopening plans have changed multiple times. I’ve been told I may have a completely different job than the Literacy Coach job I’ve had for years. I’m trying to plan for a PD session that is changing as we write it, and I don’t any idea what my first day looks like and we are only two days away from going back!  I’m stressed.  We are all stressed. Over the past few weeks, I’ve cried, I’ve laughed, and I’ve sat in stunned silence.

But we are going back, and the thing is, our kids need us now more than ever.  So, whatever the re-opening plan looks like, whatever job I end up with, whatever the PD turns out to be, I’ll be there….for the kids.  We will work together to make this year the best year ever.  We can work together to make this a year where kids will learn and be highly engaged in that learning;  a year where teachers will find creative ways to teach literacy in a little more than one hour per day; a year where the community will come together and make everyone feel included and loved.

I need words.  I need words that ground me, that inspire me, that help me feel some sense of control, that focus me on what’s most important.  Thank you, Charlie Mackesy, for the words.

6 thoughts on “Heading to the Unknown”

  1. We are going to do this together. We are. Just like the nurses and doctors back in the spring when hospitals were the focus of the spinning. They went to work, focused on what they could do and the majority of them did their jobs and did it well. YOU will do this, too! You will because you believe in kids and community. You believe in growing readers and writers. You believe in teaching and learning and you will do this! I believe in you.

  2. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and Charlie Mackesy’s book. We know we are going to be teaching remotely, but that’s it. No guidelines or expectations. No plans for preservice week. I am frustrated and anxious, but know I need to focus on what I can control and what I love. Thanks for the reminder.

  3. I have so much respect for you. The reason is that your heart and head are in the right place – with the kids. When I had my enrichment groups, I was never paid. I did it for the kids. It’s the kids that matter, not the job, the description, or for me, even the pay (I was blessed that I did not need the pay due to my husband’s income). You are awesome and no matter what, you’ll do the job the kids need, because that is who you are! Best wishes for the coming year and that it takes the shape that you AND the kids need and want! I hope you find your stress lessened as you get into your week ahead. Take care.

  4. I love this quote and true to your style, you have already been thinking of creative ways to teach! Glad to work with you.

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