One of my wonderful TWT colleagues suggested writing a gratiku – a mash up of a haiku and a gratitude entry. What a great idea at a time when we have such a need for gratitude, but so little time to think and write and share. I thought I would give it a try, especially on this Election Day, 2020.

Grateful to Be An American Today

An American

A chance to cast my one vote

Now I sit and hope.

9 thoughts on “Gratiku”

  1. I’m writing gratiku poems, too. It’s a fun distraction. I’m trying to be grateful to be an American but find it increasingly difficult. Think I’ll write a gratiku about something specific to our country so I can reset my attitude a little.

  2. The gratiku might just get me through this. I’m trying to write my post right now & can’t decide if I should write about the election or ignore it… Maybe I’ll go write today’s gratiku instead!

  3. Sit and hope! The waiting is going to be hard. I want to try gratiku, too. It helps to keep the focus on what’s important.

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