How to Make Friends

My first graders are currently writing How-To books. They are teaching their readers how to surf a wave, carve a pumpkin, catch a snake (!), make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and draw a fox, bunny, or kitty. One of my students decided to write about how to make a friend. Her piece goes like this:

How to Make a Friend.

First, find a friend.

Then say hi.

Then play with your friend.

Now you are friends.

I know this piece probably needs a better introduction and some elaboration, but there is something about it that just feels perfect.

8 thoughts on “How to Make Friends”

  1. It is that simple — if we all could just follow it! Thanks for sharing and reminding us “how to”! Have a spectacular day with those peeps who are lucky to have you!

  2. I think it’s perfect as well! The activity reminded me of how my boys when in their required speech class, had to make a “how-to” speech and demonstrate it as they spoke. Fun! I’m also interested in the comment above mine. Will you tell or have you already told this student you shared their writing? I am always so reluctant to do that – even though students wrote with me for years and I’ve kept most of it. However, I feel like it would be such a confidence booster! Thanks!

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