In Person

I slowed the car as I tried to read the numbers on the mailboxes. 3, 5, 7…This must be it. I turned in. I pulled the car down the long driveway. There were two houses. Hmmm…Which one is the right one? That’s when I saw the white pom pom on the top of a pink knit hat peeking out of the gate. Could that be her? Was that Sophia? She looked so tiny! Well she is only six. Then I saw a small boy and a mother. That’s definitely Sophia’s mom! “That’s her!” I heard Sophia’s mom say as the three of them came running out of the gate, waving like crazy. Sophia is a leader in our class. She has organized card making events, birthday parties, and even a read aloud during snack time. But here, in person, she was acting quite shy. I imagine it’s strange to see your teacher live for the first time too. Maybe I look huge! We chatted and laughed. We exchanged gifts. We even threw a few snowballs. Sophia began to giggle and talk. She started to return to her true outgoing self. Then she and her brother sang me a Christmas song. It was a beautiful moment. I will forever savor it.

I’ve been teaching a class of first graders remotely since August. I’ve only seen my students in small boxes in a grid on a screen. It’s the strangest thing to never have seen your students in person. So when my first grade team decided we would get some small gifts for our students, I decided I would deliver them in person. I’ve delivered about half of the gifts to half of my families. Each encounter happening in a driveway or on a front step. Finally connecting with my students and families face to face (well, masked face to masked face) has been nothing short of magical.

7 thoughts on “In Person”

  1. Thnaks for sharing this magical, sweet moment. It made me cry. What a world. Yet, your students and you still found a way to keep connecting!

    Have a safe and relaxing winter break. I predict more magical moments with your 1st graders in 2021!!

  2. Wow, what magic you have captured here. You are making memories for sure. I cannot even imagine how hard it has been for all of you to not meet in person, but you are making it work- magic!

  3. It is so hard to imagine not seeing your students. I am happy that you finally meet them in person. What a lovely gift this is for both you and your students. Merry Christmas!

  4. I wrote a response to your touching post this morning but did it from my phone. I see that it did not go through. I said that it was wonderful you found a way to connect with your students face to face during this time of virtual teaching. I am sure it will be a visit they will all remember fondly into the future. Thank you for making a difference!

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