I’m in

Today is February 1.

Today Black History Month begins.

I am white.

I am a woman.

I am privileged.

I want to eliminate racism.

I want to disrupt and eliminate the system of oppression that effects so many.

I’m not sure how to do it, but I will work hard to make it happen.

I will listen.

I will read.

I will have difficult conversations.

I am not sure that having one month on the calendar to celebrate black heroes is the answer.

I think that we will be somewhere when we don’t need Black History Month (or Women’s History Month for that matter).

But this is where we are.

If it helps to learn about and celebrate the many black Americans who have contributed to this country’s history, I’m in.

If it gives us fodder for more complicated conversations, I’m in.

If it gives someone hope, I’m in.

If it helps someone feel seen, I’m in.

If it pulls communities together around an idea, I’m in.

If it disrupts racism, I’m in.

My One Little Word this year is hope. Later I added action.

This month I will take some action and hope that it moves this world toward a more perfect union.

12 thoughts on “I’m in”

  1. This slice shouts belief – belief in all, belief in community. I belief you can harness the “hope-action” an begin to take steps towards a more perfect union.

  2. You capture so many of my thoughts in this post. Thank you for framing this so well!
    My OLW is also HOPE which can at times for me seem to dreamy but adding that word action makes all the difference in the world. I am now thinking I need to envision a world that I hope for and then move forward beyond my hopes. Thank you for helping me see that!

  3. I love the structure here: “If…I’m in.” The repetition emphasizes your commitment. Last year I committed to making more of my reading and book purchases by POC. I’ve raised that this year to at least 50%. We can’t live antiracist lives w/out hearing the voices of POC.

  4. Powerful commitment. I love it – and I’m with Glenda: intentionally choosing to read books by authors who are not white has dramatically changed my understanding. I am so glad I made the choice!

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