Kindness Abounds

Today is my first day of a weeklong winter vacation… quarantine! In normal years (2021 is certainly not starting off in that category!) my husband and I would have had plans to travel, visit family, spend time with friends, and be out and about. But this year’s vacation will look quite different. On the Friday before break, my husband received the news that none of us wanted to hear. He tested positive for the COVID-19 virus. Thankfully he had his first dose of the vaccine and his symptoms appear to be relatively mild. But we are now in lockdown; my husband in his isolation room and me at home.

As soon as my family, friends, and colleagues heard the news, my phone started to ping.

“Oh no! How can I help?”

“What do you need?”

“Take care of Tim and take care of yourself.”

“Go home. I can drop off anything you need.”

The phone calls and texts were endless and everyone wanted to help. Friends and family were willing to do grocery shopping, take care of things at work, run to Target, give advice they have gained from their own experiences with COVID, and help with anything we might need.

And then Saturday came. More texts and calls.

“I’m running to the store, do you need anything?”

“How’s Tim feeling?”

“Are you feeling OK?”

“Take it easy.”

“I’m going to drop off my CO2 monitor just in case things get worse.”

And then there was this one:

“The girls and I are dropping off a plate of Valentine’s Day cookies we made for you.”

A beautiful platter of stunning, handmade cookies arrived on the back porch with a handmade card completed by my friend’s three young daughters.

There’s a lot of terrible in the world, and this week’s going to be hard, no doubt. But I’ve been reminded that kindness abounds.

Our hearts are full.

5 thoughts on “Kindness Abounds”

  1. First off, I hope and pray this finds you staying well and Tim on the mend! Second, I love the surplus of kindness that came your way! It’s in times of struggle that people can rise and spread that kindness right where it’s needed! I bet those Valentine’s cookies were loaded in not only kindness, but that secret ingredient…love!

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