Dear Families

We are teaching in a pandemic.  I am teaching first graders who are learning from home. I have decided to use the SOLC as a place to reflect on this experience.  I hope this reflection will help me become a better teacher, a better learner, a better literacy coach, and a better person.  Maybe it will help others too.

31 Things I’ve Learned from Being a Remote Grade 1 Teacher

I couldn’t have done this work without the support of my families. Now that I’m transitioning back to my role as literacy coach, I have to thank them. Here is my letter.

Dear Families,

I would like to take a moment here to reflect on the unique experience we have had together over the past seven months, and to thank you for all you have done to make the distance learning experience successful for your children. We have all been pioneers in the truest sense of the word. We’ve explored new frontiers and discovered a great deal. This year has been one of the most challenging of my career, but thanks to you and your children, also one of the most rewarding. I’m amazed each and every day by what your young children can do in this virtual learning environment. They have grown academically, made lasting friendships, created a beautiful community, and shared kindness with everyone and anyone who came and went from this virtual space. They are truly some of the best little people I’ve ever spent time with. I will miss them.

8 thoughts on “Dear Families”

  1. I hope you are really sending this to them. Thank you for accepting your new role and teaching and touching your students’ lives.

  2. That’s a wonderful piece. You’ve motivated me to write a letter to the families tonight. We start back full time tomorrow.

  3. Beautiful sentiments! I love how you’ve made your writing purposeful. Sometimes I take the time to slice something I enjoy but don’t take the time to put eloquent words together to share with families, students, staff members. Thank you for inspiring me to use my best writing in all areas!

  4. We are back online after a stretch in person and just this morning I wrote some email to some students and their parents to let them know I notice how hard they are working. I wish you all the best as you make this transition. Kids are amazing!

  5. A gift to have met so many wonderful and supportive people on this journey. You were all fortunate to have each other as you paved a new road in education.

  6. I love that you have written to parents. I hope you send it to them. Sometimes while people can be hard on teachers, sometimes teachers can be hard on parents. We all need each other. Your letter says this.

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