What I’ve Learned

We are teaching in a pandemic.  I am teaching first graders who are learning from home. I have decided to use the SOLC as a place to reflect on this experience.  I hope this reflection will help me become a better teacher, a better learner, a better literacy coach, and a better person.  Maybe it will help others too.

31 Things I’ve Learned from Being a Remote Grade 1 Teacher

We are nearing the end of this 31 day writing journey.  I have spent most of the month trying to reflect on my experience as a remote learning teacher.  Here are my big Ah Ha’s:

-Relationships matter!

-Relationships matter!

-Relationships matter!

-All voices need to be heard.

-Having a supportive family behind a remote student makes ALL the difference.

-Teaching needs to be responsive and engaging in order to be effective.

-Teaching remotely is hard, but you can make magic happen.

-Teaching writing remotely is extra hard.

-Kids are a lot of fun.

-Choice is powerful.

-We can build community in a virtual space.

-I’ve learned a lot about math, and that is informing my literacy work.

-I couldn’t have done this work without my colleagues, friends, and family.

-It’s OK to ask for help.

-It’s OK to cry.

-I can learn lots and lots of new things, and quickly.

-It’s hard to be on Zoom for such a long time every day.

-I can push through adversity. 

-I need to listen to my daughters. They are wise.

-I love to teach.

-Kids are amazing.

Spending this month writing about this experience has helped me become a better teacher, a better learner, a better literacy coach, and a better person.  I hope it has  helped some of you as well.

13 thoughts on “What I’ve Learned”

  1. I’ve been thinking, too. Only one more day left! My writing certainly feels different and I’ve learned a great deal about myself, gratitude and showing up to the page. Congratulations on almost reaching the finish line!

  2. As I read your reflective list, I so appreciate your ability to name what you’ve learned. So much is the same as I teach 6th graders. I too have cried. I too find it hard to do the teaching and then to be on a screen for so long. But I also agree with your final two – I love to teach and kids are amazing. Thanks for putting all this into words so well!

  3. What I love about this post is how much ae transferable to me, zillions of miles away. To me, this challenge is about community and how much we share despite our differences. I love seeing your summary here and can connect to so much!

  4. What a great list of insights! I want lots of other teachers to see this and realize they are not alone. That the things we are asking of students, of ourselves, of families adds up to a mountain of incredible demands which we have gone about solving or working around or powering through. And thank you for leaning on the “relationships matter” horn. We all need to hear that. It’s the foundation for learning anyway you slice it.

  5. A wonderful list. I know I have said this but did you ever think you would reflect this way back in early September?

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