Thank you, TWT

Dear TWT and Fellow Slicers,

Thank you for creating the conditions for me to grow as a writer. You never forced me. You never bugged me. You never made me feel guilty or ashamed. You invited me. You created a space. You sent me gentle daily reminders. You gave me an amazing family of writers.

It was my choice to show up, but I knew that if I did, you would be there. You would be there with comments and questions and likes. Your writing would be there for me to use as inspiration or as a mentor for my own work. You would be there if I needed encouragement, support, or even someone to struggle beside. And you were always there to spread joy.

When I selected my OLW with all of you in January, I decided on the word hope. I quickly followed by adding the word action (feeling that hope just wasn’t enough with all that was going on). I have always hoped to be a writer. This month, you created the conditions that moved me to action.

I thank you for that.

With sincerity,


9 thoughts on “Thank you, TWT”

  1. Congratulations! Hope to action to thanks — lots of emotions there! Yay YOU! I really enjoyed all your DL stories and lessons learned. You just recorded pieces of history which is pretty cool. I wonder if some of the slices could be gifts to some of the families so they, too can remember through your stories. Again, yay you!

    1. I really didn’t think about the recording pieces of history idea. That is really what we are doing. We are making history and recording it. The idea of gifts to families is such an interesting one. Thank you for being an amazing writing partner. Congrats to you!

  2. Showing up matters! So true here in this community of writers as we support and care for one another. My OLW is hope and I too may have to add action to that word.

  3. We made it. Thanks for pushing me to show up for this. I do feel like I was more of a visitor in your classroom this year than I really was! Now should we talk about whether we do something with students again?!

  4. What, you are Erika too! Me too!
    I have really enjoyed reading your reflections this month and read many as you have posted by the time I do. Your tenacity and flexibility have shone through in your writing this month. Keep on writing!

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