The Word Sharer

This morning I feel like Jerome in Peter H. Reynolds’ picture book, The Word Collector.  When Jerome had collected lots and lots of beautiful words, he chose to share his words with others. This morning I am full.  Full of knowledge,  Full of wisdom, Full of ideas.  Full of inspiration. Full of words. I am bursting.  I need to share these ideas and inspirations with the world around me. I want to throw open my windows, and instead of banging pots like the New Yorkers did during the pandemic, I want to yell out tips and quotes and bits of learning!  

I spent this past Saturday on Zoom with the staff (and some incredible alumni) from the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project.  I was among the close to 5,000 educators who had shown up from around the world to learn on a Saturday (For some it was the middle of the night, or the middle of the day, or even the day before or the day after due to time zones!).  Here are some bits of inspiration that I want to share with all of you (some thoughts are paraphrased):

Jason Reynolds:  

Live with humility, intimacy, and gratitude.

Kate Roberts and Maggie Beattie:  

Get in the water with your kids: Know your content, expect and get comfortable with trouble. Momentum without joy is a grind!! 

Pam Allyn

Learn to listen.  Learn to see.  Find your voice.

Randy Bomer: 

Teachers need to be thoughtful, adaptive decision-makers.  

You notice more when you know more. 

We need a learning culture that values experimentation, curiosity, and solitude; time to sit and do our own thinking. 

Kate DiCamillo: 

If you want to do something easy, do something else. (Advice from her dad.)

The path is often full of dark stones.  When the dark stones (representing those that have failed at the task at hand) tell you that you can’t make it, plug your ears and keep climbing. 

It’s up to us to unfold our own wings.

Lucy: I’m going to work to be kinder.

When Jason talked about gratitude, he said that he thanks people for showing up.  I’m just so glad I did. 

8 thoughts on “The Word Sharer”

  1. What a great lead in with The Word Collector — your energy and excitement from the day could be felt from the get go! The tips are brilliant – each one. Randy Bomer’s really stands out to me – “We need a learning culture that values experimentation, curiosity, and solitude; time to sit and do our own thinking.” I couldn’t agree more! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Your slide captures the day perfectly! I also am so glad I showed up! It was fun to see your take-aways. Some the same as me, some different. I hope to steal a little time today to also write about it. Thank you for your nudge. I fear, if I don’t write and share, it will only be a one day high and instead, I do want all I learned to stay with me and be used. I can tell, you already are on that path!

  3. Such an inspiring few hours- worth staying up really late for me. The hardest part was choosing sessions- I wanted to attend so many at the same time! I have notes I want to shout to share too!

  4. I, too, attended the Saturday reunion and still feel touched by the experience. Thank you for lifting up the words you collected from your sessions. My favorite is, “You notice more when you know more.” Powerful reflection.

  5. Love the Word Collector lead to your slice. Bomer’s quote about sitting and doing your own thinking got me thinking. It’s so hard to find that time but it’s imperative for learning, health and educating others.

  6. I loved your post but I’m kicking myself that I didn’t attend. Even though I’m retired, I find anything from Teachers College inspirational. Thank you for sharing these snippets. I remember the feeling of excitement and enthusiasm that I always felt after an effective workshop. Teachers today have such a tough job and your spirit is sorely needed.

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