OLW, 2022

Dear Winter,

Thank you for the snowstorm, cold temperatures, and threat of rain and ice. You closed schools and kept me inside for a while. You gave me time to read and write and think. You gave me time to ponder, consider, reflect on, and finally choose, my OLW for 2022. As I read all of the emails and newsletters I had saved for a snowy day, I came across this gem by Ruth Ayres. She said that when she sends her children off in the morning, she recites this line with them: “Good things are going to happen to me and through me.” This is my new mantra. I need some hope (last year’s word). I need to believe that good things are going to happen to me. I also need to take action (last year’s word also (Yes, I picked two!)) and make sure that I am making good things happen in the world. So I’ve decided to pick a new word for 2022 that embodies both. Here it is….my OLW for 2022 is:


I am going to continue to work this year to search for spaces where I truly belong and to create spaces of belonging for others, especially for those people who are feeling isolated or oppressed.

Thank you for helping me arrive at my OLW,


7 thoughts on “OLW, 2022”

  1. That’s a wonderful word full of purpose and direction. So glad you were able to take the unexpected days last week and use them for you. Here’s to belonging!

  2. I love the work that Brené Brown has done around Belonging. I am currently reading her latest book Atlas of the Heart. The belief that something good is going to come from you is more than half the battle to achieving it. What a wonderful mantra for the new year. Mine is “Let the magic find you” from Fran Haley. I love reading everyone’s ideas around one little word.

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