A Food Prompt

Prompt #4

Make a partial grocery list of what you need to buy for the weekend. Write about a food that gives you energy or that just plain tastes good.

Shopping List: March 10, 2022



-ice cream (vanilla, please)

-oatmeal (Quaker Oats – not the instant kind)



-corned beef


OK.  To be honest, I almost stopped here.  You see, these are the kinds of prompts that, in my opinion, are a big waste of time.  I really don’t care about what’s on my shopping list enough to write well about it.  

But then I did commit to trying things I don’t like this month, so I’ll push through..……I guess I’d have to say that vanilla ice cream makes me happy.  I know it’s plain, but sometimes a small bowl of clean, sweet vanilla bean (Breyers is my favorite) ice cream is just what I need before I head off to bed.  It sort of cleans the palate for the day and gets me ready to sleep and refresh myself for what’s to come.  Of course there are nights that I get a little creative.  I might add some chocolate chips, crumble an oatmeal raisin cookie into the bowl, or maybe a Reeses Peanut Butter Cup or York Peppermint Patty if I really want to get crazy. I’ve tried swirling in some peanut butter or honey or maple syrup for a new taste.  I do love ice cream – all year, any weather.  It really is the little things that can make you pretty darn happy.  I’m happy just writing about ice cream.

Epilogue:  After I wrote this piece, my daughter posted a picture to Instagram of a sculpture she had seen on her trip to Hudson, NY.  The sculpture was of, you guessed it, a shopping list!  I guess if a shopping list can be a piece of art, I can take some time to write about it.

14 thoughts on “A Food Prompt”

  1. This reminds me of a writing conference I had today about chocolate. We found the big feeling about chocolate and really turned it into something- just like you did with ice cream!

  2. Go crazy and get yourself some peppermint patties! That’s a sensation! A reflection on prompts: some work better than others for different people, and maybe that’s an important takeaway as you think about kids.

  3. This was an interesting one. I am glad it led you somewhere. I am going to think about this when I make my list tomorrow.

  4. YES to the Reese’s Cups and Peppermint Patties – two of my lifelong favorites! And anything, everything is worth writing about. Oh and I discovered recently that Breyer’s French Vanilla is crazy creamy and good. 🙂

  5. I love ice cream. I just had a bowl of Goat Cheese Blackberry Chambord Ice Cream.
    Some of my favorite ice cream is made by a place up near you. Have you ever had Longford’s rum raisin? DELICIOUS!

  6. I need to try this prompt because, like you, I’d probably “pass” on this one. But even just thinking about it now, I bet a good story could come out of it.
    Love the epilogue!!! How crazy!

  7. I’m totally stealing this idea for a slice this month! I’ve always been a chocolate person, but now it triggers stomach issues and I have switched to vanilla. I’m learning to appreciate a simple bowl of vanilla ice cream (Trader Joe’s brand is my favorite.)

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