Perspective Shifting

In this recent post from Reflections From a Coach, a fellow slicer shared that she had listened to a podcast by Glennon Doyle on aging. Doyle had interviewed Ashton Applewhite on her theories about aging and ageism. I quickly added this to my podcast list. I am a worrier. I worry about aging. I worry about being alone. I worry about not being able to do the things I enjoy. I worry about becoming a burden to my kids. Like I said, I am a worrier. This podcast has helped me to worry less. The underlying message from this podcast was that aging is basically all about the way we look at it. Applewhite shared some reassuring facts: Most people don’t end up in nursing homes. Most people don’t completely lose their memory as they age. People are happiest when they are very young and when they are older (called the “Happiness U-Curve”). She went on to say that it’s really our choice to look at aging as either a positive and powerful place to be, or as a place filled with decline and depression. She also discussed how hard this can be in a society that adores youth, but said that it can be done. We need to shift our perspective on what it means to grow older.

I listened to the Glennon Doyle podcast last week on my way to and from work. This morning I just happened to come across this article in the New York Times: The Best Advice You’ve Ever Received (And Are Willing to Pass On) by David Pogue. This article is FILLED with advice that I desperately need (and will now pass on). One piece of advice was this:

You’ve never seen a cat skeleton in a tree, have you?” When Alexandra Aulisi’s cat couldn’t get down from a tree, her grandmother reassured her with those words, predicting (correctly) that the cat would come down on his own. “This advice made me realize that, sometimes, you need to shift your perception of a problem to see a solution.”

As I mentioned, I’m a worrier. I call myself a Master Disaster Planner. This only makes my worrying worse. I desperately need Alexandra Aulisi’s grandmother by my side. I need to start thinking this way. I know it will change the way I live in the world. I know it will make me calmer, happier, more positive. I know the people around me will benefit. Maybe as I age I can even become the kind of grandmother who gives out this kind of advice.

I’m working to develop not only a new view of aging, but a new perspective on how I deal with the world. Maybe some day I can write an advice column and help the people around me to shift perspectives too. Wish me luck!

6 thoughts on “Perspective Shifting”

  1. I know you are a worrier, so I am glad you found some resources. I can be like that too. I’ll read your advice column…until then I’ll listen to the podcast.

  2. It’s pretty powerful Jen someone else’s words that really get you thinking. Thinking so mush about adjusting your perspective, especially for the better. Here’s to less worrying and more celebrations!

  3. I’ve read many of Pogue’s tech pieces, but this one is new to me. Off to check it out now!

    I tend to be a worrier so I’m going to have to check out the podcast too.

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