Receiving Inspiration

This week I read Amy Ellerman’s post, Time for a Shift.  As she always does, Amy pushed me to think and reflect on my practice (both personal and professional).  In this post, Amy says (and asks) things like:

-Learning is energy giving, for kids and for us.

-What must we hold sacred every day to ensure that learners grow?

-What are some ways we might shift our own self-talk (and the teacher-to-teacher talk that happens in our buildings) to protect this sacred learning time?

I have also experienced the negative self- talk and teacher-to-teacher talk that pushes us to give up on some of our most important goals and dreams for kids.  The “I can’ts” or “not during a pandemic” or “not with all the other stuff that needs to get done” talk can be energy draining instead of energy giving. 

It’s easy to fall into this pit of despondence and despair, but I want to fight it and find ways to hold true to the work I have signed up for – to teach and to learn.

I’m going to start by setting some goals for my upcoming vacation.  It would be easy to say I’m tired and I just need a break from everything, but I want to learn.  I want to read and write. I want to move forward. I want to be positive. I want to give and receive energy. So….I am going to commit to Amy’s 25 hours of reading and writing this week.  I do realize that Amy is doing this IN ADDITION to her full time job and life, but I thought it would be a good start!

Thank you, Amy, for pushing me in this direction!

6 thoughts on “Receiving Inspiration”

  1. As you were encouraged so am I. I agree we can really get sucked into a lot of negativity which can influence our being. We should not give room to that, so I thank you for encouraging us. All your words will drive my thoughts. Thank you for sharing the positivity we need.

  2. I, too, have drawn much inspiration from this community. Although you battle negativity and despondency, there’s much strength in your words; one cannot avoid or climb out of the pit without vision, and you have it! Perspective is everything. Recently I wrote a poem about negative, critical colleagues, thanking them for keeping me on my toes and reminding them they’re not allowed to steal my joy. I never shared it; writing it was enough.

  3. I’m glad the post resonated with you. Thanks so much for the shout out! I hope the reading and writing you do over break feed you and are energy giving. . . AND it’s also healthy and necessary to just enjoy being on vacation. You’ve worked hard and you’ve earned it!

  4. Amy’s post is spot-on and powerful– and so is yours! Read on, write on, and surround yourself whenever and wherever you can with positive energy– there’s so much truth in the law of magnetism; like people attract like people!

  5. Melanie is right about “magnetism”. It’s been difficult to navigate the space between genuine feelings of being overwhelmed and burned out and negativity. But, when I’m around those who value me, they know when I need support and offer it despite their own struggles. We are interdependent and I’m uplifted by my circle.

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