Wrapping Up the Year

Well, here we are. It is almost June. We are heading into the end of another school year; and unfortunately it was another school year plagued by COVID-19. People are tired. Teachers tell me they are ready to wrap up and move on to summer. I’m left wondering how to wrap up this school year in a way that leaves teachers and students with a sense of celebration and closure, but also energy and joy and (maybe most important of all) a sense of hope for what is to come.

Do we schedule some visits between classes and grade levels in order for students to see where they are going and teachers to see where next year’s students are coming from?

Do we create some new activities for our summer reading and writing unit?

Do we schedule some celebratory walkthroughs?

Do we create some book tasting events for kids and teachers?

Is there time for one more (quick) coaching cycle?

Can we do a few things to start looking ahead to next year?

Or….do we just let the year come to a close and worry about all of this next year?

I have to ask teachers what they think. Is any of this realistic? What do you think? I’d love to hear what you are doing to wrap up this school year.

4 thoughts on “Wrapping Up the Year”

  1. You raise such thought provoking questions today. Everyone is tired – – not just everyone. Everyone, everywhere is tired. It happened in Georgia yesterday, too, as we sent our high school baseball team off to play for the state championship. Our students and community members lined the streets with signs they had made to cheer on the team as they passed in their bus, and we noticed instantly that even in this time of great joy and celebration, our energy levels are all gone. To wrap up a year…..it takes thought. But I like your last option best.

  2. So many questions for the end of the year, though, some of your suggestions sound fun for the students moving along and coming up next year. 🙂 Hoping you have a smooth closure and restful summer.

  3. We’re not yet close to the end of the year, so I appreciate these questions & the time I will now have to ponder them. I wonder what will energize people? You have so many great options here. Personally, I love a book tasting, and I like the idea of letting kids see what next year might bring. Honestly, anything that helps us remember the positives might be good – but asking the teachers is probably the best option. Good luck!

  4. Wrapping up the year can be tricky! There are so many ways to do it — you hit the nail on the head when you say to ask the teachers! I’d also say, ask the kids — how do they want to wrap up their year of learning and growing? What is it that they want to carry onto the next year? Can’t wait to hear, read, how it goes for you all! Thanks for always sharing!

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