Summer is Coming

This weekend was a preview of the summer to come – I hope! We spent almost the entire weekend outside! We ate all of our meals out of doors. We went to the coolest hot dog stand and ate our hot dogs on the beach. We sat at the beach, relaxed, and read. We took long walks with the dog. We had cocktails and snacks by our garden waterfall. We had a barbeque. I spent time weeding my gardens while my husband prepared to paint the Adirondack chairs. And I read for hours on a lounge chair in the yard. I even had time to pull out my ukulele and practice for our upcoming variety show!

This is what I need right now. I need a break from the day to dayness of work. I need to be out in the sun with my hands in the dirt. I need to exercise more and enjoy some down time. I need to read more stories.

I might get tired of it all after a while, but right now I can’t wait for summer vacation to begin.

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