Friday (October 20, 2017) is NCTE’s National Day on Writing. I tend not to like these types of celebration days, weeks, or months.  I think these events can send the message that we can only have fun reading when we are in our PJs on Read Across America Day, or only celebrate black people or women for one month out of the year during Black History Month or Women’s History Month (while the white male gets the other 10 months!), or only enjoy writing  this Friday. But we have chosen to celebrate this day of writing at our elementary school.  While trying not to present this idea that writing will be fun on Friday (and so therefor pure drudgery the rest of the year), we are going to put a spotlight on our writing, celebrate our writers, and encourage teachers to find some different ways to write with kids.  As part of this celebration, I am sharing ideas with teachers across the week.  Yesterday, I shared this 3 minute video from NCTE called Why Write? http://blogs.ncte.org/index.php/2015/10/write/ One of our teachers then showed it to her second graders and encouraged them to make their own list.  It was remarkable.

They wrote things like this:

I write so that I can go on and on.

I write to live.

I write because it’s fun.

I write to keep my memories.

I write for joy!

I guess these holidays aren’t so bad after all!





6 thoughts on “#WhyIWrite”

  1. love this idea!! I like to view these “holidays” as opportunities to celebrate what we do and believe every day! We, as a school, are celebrating on Friday! Still hashing out details (have a feeling KHS’s ideas might spill down the hill to SES #westporthasjoy)

  2. I for one am grateful that you are sharing your ideas. It’s been exciting to watch Elena’s joy for writing grow. It’s obvious that that is transferring to her students. She’s lucky to have a joyous pal like you to keep inspiring!

  3. Thanks for the inspiration, the video, and the fresh perspectives on what we celebrate and why. I was thinking of that notion of spotlighting as I started your piece, and then your slice hit that same mark.

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