Today, I Celebrate!

Today is March 9.  Today I celebrate.

“Why?  What is so special about March 9? Are you celebrating the sunshine and warm temperatures?”

“No, although that is quite worthy of celebration!”

“Are you celebrating the time change and the fact that we now have an extra hour of light?”

“No, but again this is something that deserves some real recognition.”

“Did I miss someone’s birthday?”

“No.  Don’t worry.  It’s not a birthday.”

“Did I miss a holiday?”


Today is March 9.  Today I celebrate.

Today is a special day.  One of the most important days on my calendar.  Only a few people know the significance of this day.  It’s a quiet celebration.  Always a card, sometimes flowers, maybe a small gift, and often a call. Maybe the fact that it’s kind of a private day, a very personal day, is what makes it so special.  I could yell it from the rooftops, but I think not.  I think I’ll keep this day close to my heart and celebrate it quietly with just the few people that know.

Today is March 9.  I think I’ll just sit back and feel blessed.

7 thoughts on “Today, I Celebrate!”

  1. At first all I wanted to know was what you were celebrating and now I do not want to know. I like how it is a private celebration. Maybe I will make one of those for me. Thanks for inspiring me.

  2. You have me curious yet respecting your private celebration. I imagine you hugging it close and appreciating it! Love the mystery and flow of this slice!

  3. I am celebrating that you are celebrating. We can’t have enough-especially the private ones. Thanks for demonstrating the conversational structure too!

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