Pushing Myself to Write

I really don’t want to write tonight.

My brain is on overload.

Maybe I’ll just skip a slice.

Would anyone really notice?  Would anyone really care?

I’m so tired.

I don’t want to sit in a chair in front of a screen for another second.

I would just be missing ONE day.

Out of 31 days.

But it’s day #25.

I’ve made it this far.

I can’t miss a day.

It just wouldn’t be right.

So I sit here and try to write something.

It’s not good.

It’s not thoughtful.

It’s not meaningful.

But there is writing on the page.

I guess that’s something.



9 thoughts on “Pushing Myself to Write”

  1. It is more than something – it is everything. There are more reasons not to write at this moment than ever before. The days I don’t want to write pile up & when I give in… well, then it’s easier not to write the next day. “writing on the page” IS “something” and that, alone, begins to bring meaning. I’m glad you got something out and hit publish!

  2. I am sitting down right now with the EXACT same feelings.
    It is a learning curve that makes my head spin.
    You’re making me want to write…thx.

  3. You are doing what I encourage our students to do…just show up to the page, honor your commitment to write in whatever way you are able.
    There is so much of a story hidden beneath these words that can be tapped into one day (if you choose).
    You are engaging with your readers in an honest way that evokes compassion and connection.
    Thank you for showing up. For slicing. For your honesty!

  4. We all hit that wall at some point! Remember how you felt when you got this down and hit “publish”–it’s that little jolt of serotonin from the teeniest sense of accomplishment that pulls you through to the next Slice. Good job showing up!!

  5. Writing when it’s hardest is meaningful! We’ve all been there. It helps to write through it. I know you are probably going through a lot right now. I see you. I hear you. Your writing matters. Hope you have a better day tomorrow!

  6. Yes, sometimes it is really hard to write. You captured the frustration and thoughts so perfectly. I’m glad you broke through and posted. Don’t give up now (Words to myself also!)

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