First Day

Today was my first day teaching a group of first graders who have chosen to start the year learning remotely. I haven’t been a classroom teacher in a long time. I haven’t taught math in an even longer time, and I’ve never taught a class of children virtually.

So….I was nervous.

Would Zoom work? Would I be able to see all the children? Would I be able to share my screen and use the document camera and read aloud and use breakout rooms? Would we be able to build the kind of connected community that we need to do our work? Would my first graders be able to mute and unmute and access their Google Classroom and Google Calendar? Would they remain engaged for 2 hours ad 45 minutes? Would I be able to stay energized and focused for 2 hours and 45 minutes? And what about the parents? They are kind of in my classroom too? Would they be on screen? Would they be watching?

So….I was nervous.

9:00 came. Children started entering the Zoom call. We introduced ourselves. We danced. We sang. We read. We wrote. We even did some math. Zoom worked. Videos played. Most of the kids found their Google Calendars. Parents came when needed, and stood back when kids were independent.

I couldn’t have asked for a better start.

So….I’m still nervous, but I have hope.

5 thoughts on “First Day”

  1. Wow. This is a lot. I’d love to know more about your 2 hours and 45 min. Are they continuous? That seems challenging for first graders. Will students come and go from lessons and direct instruction to practice and independent work? Lots to do to find your rhythm. Good luck-what a year!

    1. We are “on” for the entire time, but I am trying to set things up so that I teach something, we try it together, and then the kids go off to practice independently. I plan to grow the independent time across the year. I definitely do not want kids on a screen for that amount of time.

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