These Kids are Writers!

Toward the end of March, one of my colleagues (and fellow slicer ) suggested to our principal (also a fellow slicer) and me that we see if some of our students might be interested in trying out the April SOLC. We decided to invite fourth and fifth grade students. I really wasn’t sure if many kids would sign up, and if they did, I wasn’t sure that they would stick with it and write on a regular basis. I’m happy to say, my doubts were completely unfounded! Lots of kids (about 60!) signed up and many came to the library in the mornings to write together. One student wrote every singe day (including weekends and during a week long vacation!). They came, they talked, they wrote, they laughed, and they shared.

We didn’t require children to write every day, but we set up the space and time for them to write in the library during the first 30 minutes of school. We created a place for them to write (a Padlet), and we invited them into the experience. As they say in Field of Dreams, “If you build it they will come.”

Today (the first Monday in May) we invited kids to join us if they wanted to talk about how to keep their writing habit going now that the April experience had come to a close. A few students came and talked about their plans. They talked about wanting to write 6 days a week, how writing helps them calm down when they are feeling stressed (either by writing about what’s causing the stress or writing to distract them from stress), how they are going to ask their teachers if they can carve out some time during the day to “slice,” and how they are already looking forward to next year’s April SOLC!

These kids are writers! They love to write. They write for a variety of reasons. They write because they see value in it, not because it’s something the teacher wants them to do. They are living writerly lives!

4 thoughts on “These Kids are Writers!”

  1. What an incredible celebration. It’s amazing what kids want and will do if we just create space for them to explore! Way to go all of you…what a community building experience! Sending my congrats to all those writers!❤️

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