What I Love About Vacation

I can’t say this was the best vacation I’ve ever had.  After all, the weather was not great (OK, we had one warm day!), my dad ended up in the hospital (He’s recovering now.), we didn’t go away (We used up our travel budget going to Florida in February.), and I ended up with a horrid cold.  But still, there is something special about vacations.

Some of the things I love about vacations:

-Getting up and going to bed whenever I choose.

-Having time during a weekday to babysit for my grandchildren.

-Going out for lunch.

-Taking long walks and not worrying about how long they take.

-Not packing my lunch!

-Calling friends I haven’t seen for a while and just chatting about nothing, or everything.

-Completing some home projects and planning for others.

-More time for reading

-More time for writing

So even with some bumps this week, I enjoyed my vacation!

Now I’m looking forward to summer!




8 thoughts on “What I Love About Vacation”

  1. I love vacation… especially April break with hints of warmer weather. I’m glad you were able to see through the bumps and still find some of the joys that vacations bring.

  2. Your post makes me ready for summer. Our spring break was weeks ago and now we are bogged down in testing. I love all the things on your list. I hope you are feeling rested and ready for the slippery slide to summer.

  3. Ah, you’re inspiring me to try to enjoy my vacation this week! With no plans to travel, kids in school (they have a different break than me), working yesterday and some today, I’ve been thinking it won’t feel like a vacation at all… but your post is reminding me that there are a few things I can do to make it feel like vacation. Thank you!

    1. Make sure you do something special for yourself. You want to make sure that it does feel like a break! Enjoy your vacation. I REALLY hope you get some nice weather.

  4. My Spring Break wasn’t very exciting either. I only did it once, but going out to lunch is one of my favorite activities. I love seeing who else gets to be out for lunch.

    I am glad to hear your dad is recovering.

    We are on the slide to summer!

  5. The freedom to do what you want when you want is what vacations are all about! Sorry yours included a horrid cold, but you managed to look on the bright side. Come on, summer.

  6. I could relate to your post, as I was just sick over my spring break, when we also got lots of snow. Your list reminds me to be thankful for the gift of time to reconnect with friends and simply enjoy some freedom and a break from routine. And what could be more precious to a teacher than a lunch out? Keep on appreciating the little things. Summer will be here soon!

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