It’s Complicated

I have a complicated family.  I have stepmothers and stepfathers and step siblings, a gay brother and brother-in-law, mixed religions, adopted children.  You name it, and we got it. But recently things have grown even more complicated.

My mother passed away about four and a half years ago.  My stepfather died this past December.  The plan had always been to bury my stepfather (his ashes) next to my mother.  After all, they had purchased side-by-side plots years ago.  But that’s where things got complicated.  You see, a lot has happened in the last four years, and those things have complicated this burial issue.

When I called the cemetery manager (if that is what you call the guy who runs a cemetery), I had to explain that we now only want to bury half of my stepfather next to my mother. Well that was just fine with him.  I sensed that he had heard some other complicated family stories. (Of course there was no discount available even though we are only going to take up half the space!  I think the manager/director/supervisor was a bit shocked that I even asked.)

I imagine you are wondering what is happening to my stepfather’s “other half”.  Well, believe it or not, the other half of Warren is going to be saved and mixed in with his ex-wife’s (who recently re-became his partner) ashes. Yup.  My stepfather, who left his ex-wife to marry my mother, came full circle, reconnected with his ex, and began (or re-began) a life with her. It all made sense in a crazy sort of way.  After all, they knew each other (“for better or worse”), they shared the same children and grandchildren, and maybe the “Devil you know is better than the Devil you don’t.”

So now I’m arguing with my step siblings over which half (top or bottom) goes to which wife.  Not!


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